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RTG Puppy Questionnaire

Name & Full Address:
Email Address & Phone Number:
Do you own your home or rent? If renting, are you allowed to have a dog? (Landlord verification will be required)

Why do you want a Golden Retriever? Have you had a dog before? Who will be responsible for the care of this dog?
List all members of your household and their ages:
Is your yard fenced? If not, how will you keep your golden from wandering?

Do you currently have other dog(s)? If so, what breed, gender, age? Are they spayed/neutered or intact? What is their temperament like toward other dogs?
If you owned a dog in the past but they are no longer with you, what happened to them? Have you ever re-homed a dog or surrendered a dog to a shelter or rescue? If so, why, and how long ago was that?
Does anyone in your household have allergies? What will you do if allergies to the dog arise? Are you aware that golden retrievers shed year-round and you will always have LOTS of dog hair in your home?

Tell me about your work schedule(s) (both now and after COVID settles if applicable), who will be available to stay with the puppy as it grows, and how long pup will be alone daily. Where will the puppy spend its day? Where will it sleep at night?
What gender and activity level are you looking for in your golden? (Consider your lifestyle and household's activity level when answering). Are you open to the opposite gender if your preferred gender is not available?
Formal training is essential for golden retriever puppies and not an option. What are your plans for training your puppy? Where will you be enrolling in obedience classes? How much time do you think you'll need to devote to training weekly with your new puppy?

Are you looking solely for a pet golden, or are you wanting to breed this dog? Have you bred before? If so, what breed, and what is your kennel name?
Are you looking to do any kind of sports or work with your dog? For example: Conformation, agility, therapy, obedience, rally, service dog? Of so, please provide experience level and goals.
What veterinarian do/will you use? Are you willing to go against their advice to ahdere to our puppy contract that requires delayed spay/neuter and limited non-core vaccinations?